constitution, n.; composition. 2. the physical character of the body: a strong constitution.

Posted in Uncategorized on April 3, 2010 by Jarel

The purpose of this blog and my writing in it is to engage people to think beyond the accepted political party-based hypnosis, step away from that tendency we all have to parrot something we heard on the radio or the TV, and find solutions to the problems our politicians seem to be zealously creating for us. It’s time we got together on what’s really going on that’s affecting all of us, who’s responsible for it, and take real (peaceful) action to make sure it stops. The left pulls, the right pushes, and somehow 80% of us keep getting closer to being painted into a corner. This is a place where people can learn what they don’t know, share what they do know, educate each other, and above all find ways we can fix things together. We are constantly looking for new takes on the information we know is important to an informed opinion in today’s world. No party politics here, no obfuscations, just good people who genuinely want to be part of putting balance back into the world that is our home. The truth really can set us free, if we are only strong enough to look it in the eye and do our business based on that truth and not let those who want to take it away from us. That’s what a constitution is. Come to think of it, that’s what a Constitution is, too.

Ed note: some of the writing on this site has been heavily edited by persons unknown; for instance,the piece on local government and global warming magically  went to a single short paragraph from its now-restored length. I am trying to find the originals and restore them to their original length and content. Patience and perseverance and peace to all.